Siginstone, 12th August

Lead: Frank

After a very wild, wet and windy weekend, it was good to have a calm clear and sunny morning for another of Frank’s short walks. Five of us set off for Siginstone then headed off along the road into the village, and walked northwards on a lovely quiet country road- more a lane really, with few cars passing us and time to stand and stare at the wonderful ash trees above us, fortunately showing no signs of ash die-back. The intention had originally been to cross the fields on the outskirts of the village, but as an earlier recce had shown the exit stile to be completely blocked, we did the whole route on the road. This was very pleasant, given the quietness of these local roads.

We were somewhat amused when we found the supposedly blocked exit to Frank’s original plan and found it was just a little further along the road from where the sign had shown him it was. The stile was perfectly clear and accessible- it just goes to show, we do sometimes have to hunt around to find the stiles, and then we are often rewarded by them being not quite as the map indicates!

12 aug.jpg

Soon we were waling in the shade under the trees towards Plas Llanmihangel where we gazed at the beautiful old building and also tried, but without success to get into the church. As ever, Frank gave us some interesting historical facts about it and the local area. After a quick stop for water – sounds like we are old engines!, we returned to the cars and popped into Topstak for a welcome coffee on their new veranda, in nice sunshine.

A welcome end to an interesting and enjoyable Monday short walk, thank you Frank.