South Wales Aviation Museum (SWAM), 18th November

Lead: Helen and Andrew

What a difference nice weather makes! After a long phase of horrible grey and wet weather, 7 of us met outside Wick Village Hall on a lovely sunny Monday morning.   We headed to Picketston, taking the new road from the roundabout, and parked outside the South Wales Aviation Museum (SWAM) and changed into our walking boots.   Unfortunately, the café at the museum was shut as they had been subject to a week-long power outage.

We had a gentle stroll from SWAM, turning left at the new Aston Martin plant and then followed the lanes round turning left all the time until we got back to our start point. En route we saw a number of generators provided to locations that had no power, plus a lot of aircraft of various types and in different states of repair. We also saw some fabulous cars – including several Aston Martins, a Porsche and a Lamborghini Aventador.

When we got back to SWAM we were surprised to see that our 3 cars had been deliberately blocked in by a GJD van, whilst there were no other vehicles in the car park at all. A very impolite man informed us that he did not like where we had parked, and he did not return to move his van leaving us to jiggle the cars out of the space after we had taken our group photo.

18 nov

I had been to the museum and café the weekend before and got permission to park there, so were surprised by this most unpleasant and childish behaviour.   Most of the group then went on to Topstak for coffee and cake where we sat and enjoyed the sunshine on the outside terrace. There was also an Aston Martin parked at Topstak car park.

A lovely 3.5 mile walk with friends in nice weather. Thank you everyone.