St Brides, Ewenny, 9th September

Lead: Liz

With wet weather forecast it was not surprising that the day did not seem very popular for a walk, and when it turned out to be really quite wet at 9am, even the brave ones who had said they hoped to walk, clearly decided against it.

Three of us set off, nonetheless, and had a surprisingly dry and pleasant walk of a couple of miles, from the car park at Ewenny Garden Centre, to the enormously over-engineered bridge over the river Ewenny, just beyond the Priory. A short visit to the Priory, as always, a beautiful peaceful spot, then we walked back to the car and instead of supporting the Garden Centre, we decided upon the new little coffee shop in St Brides where we were made very welcome and enjoyed hot coffees and a bit of admiring of a pleasant environment.

By 12.30 we were back in Wick, glad we had braved the weather and enjoyed each other’s company and the chance to get a little exercise and fresh air, before less exciting tasks were embarked upon such as a trip to the tip, the laundry, and other Monday jobs which the walk enabled us to escape from briefly!

A thank you to my companions.