St Donat’s and Cwm Marcross Valley, 30th March

Lead: Marie

With ideal walking conditions and friendly company, I could not have asked for more.

We set off, on the 303 Barry bus, from Wick shop to St. Donat’s – some of us using our bus passes whilst others ‘showing off’ by paying their £1.70 fare. The bus arrived empty but by the time 9 of us got on it looked almost full!

Alighting at St.Donat’s after making way for a much younger generation – Atlantic College students – we made our way through King George’s Field to join the coastal path.  Passing UWC we climbed the steps on to the cliff tops.  By now, the mist was clearing and it turned out to be a glorious day.  It was an easy stroll along the cliff tops to the lighthouse where we had our coffee break.

At Nash Point, we walked down the Cwm Marcross valley and back up the other side. Here it was decided that this was an ideal spot to have a photo taken.  We stood as a group on one side of the stile, whilst Graham set up his camera on the other side.  At this point my imagination ran riot as I could visualise Graham vaulting over the stile and running to join us before the camera went ‘click’!   But thankfully no – Graham calmly came over the stile then set his camera to join us.

30 mar

The walk from Nash Point to Cwm Nash was yet another easy stroll with perfect walking conditions.  We stopped at the top of Cwm Nash to have our lunch and enjoy the scenery whilst relaxing in the sunshine – and to think we practically have this on our doorstep.

Reluctantly we all got up to make our way up Blaen y Cwm, passing the ruined mill and cascading waters.  After walking through two fields we climbed over the last stile on to the road leading us to the Plough & Harrow.  This was an ideal time to quench our thirsts. Reluctantly (again!), we all got up to walk the final mile up Broughton Road and back to Wick.