The Watermill and Merthyr Mawr Circuit, 15th April

Lead: Carroll and Mary

A very encouraging number of 15 walkers assembled at the Village Hall ready for the journey to the Watermill for the walk across the fields to Merthyr Mawr and back.

It was wonderful to see Terry amongst the group. This was Terry’s first walk with us for many years following his forced absence through illness. Hope you enjoyed the walk Terry and that we will see you on a few more Monday short walks.

It was also good to welcome four guest walkers for their first outing with the Wanderers. David and Glenys, John and Lynn. We hope you enjoyed the gentle stroll with us.

Having got ourselves booted and spurred at The Watermill we set off down the road towards Ewenny before turning left on to a farm track which crossed the river and headed towards a cattle grid which has unpleasant memories for Mary on a previous walk some years ago. Someone, who was more observant than most of us, discovered that the gate alongside to cattle grid could be opened and those who had not braved the hazardous route, chose the easy one.

Shortly after the cattle grid the track turned left, eventually bringing us to a field containing a number of horses. This field is often very muddy but today the ground was hard and rutted where the horses hooves had cut up the surface. We crossed the field unhindered by the horses and headed for the suspension footbridge over the river.

As we approach the stile at the boundary of the field, we were joined by our new member Ray on his second outing with the group. Ray missed us at the start but made the effort to catch up with us. That shows determination Ray. This increased the group total to16; impressive for a Monday walk.

As we neared the stile it suddenly became clear that we were facing a problem. On the far side of the stile were two horses who were obviously keen on gaining access to the field, one of them already had its two front feet over the stile. I thought “This should be interesting”, but the horse calmly raised his two rear legs, one at a time, cleared the stile, and trotted off into the field. The second horse was much more timid and, being confronted by a group of wanderers, had second thoughts and rather than make a fool of itself in attempting to cross the stile, headed off down the footpath. Despite the efforts of Graham and Andrew to coax it through a gate into the field, it had other ideas and headed at high speed towards the stepping stones.

 We eventually gained access to the suspension bridge and soon entered the church yard which was a wonderful sight of bluebells and primroses. We also spent a few minutes looking around  the very lovely church and at the collection of ancient stones and crosses in the sheltered area behind the church where we had our group photograph taken. I was very tempted to entitle the photograph “Wick Wanderers and other ancient artefacts”, but with the thought of ending a few beautiful friendships I thought better of it!!!!. 

15 april

Leaving the Churchyard, we made our way to a stone stile giving access to a short walk through a spinney. Exit from the spinney was by a very old and worn wooden stile which led into a field with a couple of horses and donkeys who took no interest in us at all and made no attempt to cross the style. Another robust, stone, style took us out of the field on to a minor road which we followed back to the suspension bridge. A brief stop was made to photograph a thatched roof cottage for the new idea of including a scenic view for the walk report on the website.

Having crossed the footbridge, we had a choice of routes. The ‘brave’ were offered the chance to cross the river by the stepping stones near Ogmore Castle. The others were offered a choice of crossing the field of horses to a footbridge. Everyone accepted option 2. I wonder why?

Having crossed the footbridge, we accessed the main road and made our way to The Watermill for coffee and a helping of Sacher Tort. Great consternation, by certain members, when the Sacher Tort was not available and I feared that I would be lynched. Fortunately, the devotees released that I was not to blame and the walk finished very happily in a space reserved for us by Christian, the Manager.