Alun Valley, 15th July

Lead: Frank

This was another short walk led by Frank, and again it was most interesting and enjoyable. The walk was, in the end, a bit under 3 miles, but could have been shorter had we not wanted to explore the old quarry, the railway siding and other bits of interest in the idyllic, but interestingly old industrial area of the Alun valley.

Five of us made up our little group and as it was a hot day, the shade under the very tree lined walk was very welcome. We walked down to the stepping stones, under amazingly tall and magnificent trees, many of them ash, but fortunately in good health. The river bed was completely dry and obviously had been so for a number of weeks.

In the old quarry we marvelled at just how steep the sides were and how extensive it all was. Very dry and thin soil allowed a few flowers to bloom, but clearly not a fertile area!

15 july

We then walked along the old railway route out of the quarry and soon were back on the road and along to the old clapper bridge. Frank kept us well informed about many aspects of the industrial heritage we passed by. A brief pull up took us over the current railway track and up though a wooded area before being back to the road, which we followed until we went down what was presumably an old bridle way, although Frank recalls it being wide enough to drive a car down!

This was again a very pleasant way to spend a Monday morning….and yes, we all had our whistles and water!!