St Donat’s and Monknash, 5th August

Lead: Liz

As we had enjoyed an evening walk about 3 weeks earlier, it seemed well time for another.

Six of us caught the bus to St Donat’s, walked along to King George’s field, squeezed through the too small kissing gate and down to the cliff top. This is a walk we have done a number of times, but this did not prevent it being enjoyable yet again. There were quite a lot of ups and downs as we followed the cliff top path, past Atlantic College and a rather weird sculpture then we were “up top” and had good views across the channel. A brief stop for water, just after the stream at Nash Point set us up for the climb back up again to the lovely wide-open area with easy walking along the top of the cliff.

As we approached the cliff above the cwm at Monknash, the wind got up and made it quite a challenge going down the steep, quite slippery gravel path, so were quite glad to reach the shelter of the cwm. After a bit of debate about whether to speed up the road or go the shorter path over the fields, we opted for the road and were soon enjoying a well-earned drink at the Plough and Harrow. Our photographer had earlier decided that this was the best venue for our photo!

6 aug

After a short break for drinks, we found we had just missed the bus back to the village, just as well really as we are a walking group, after all! Back in the village we all went our separate ways, but not all of us were home quite as soon as hoped, as an emergency call from a fallen neighbour and stepping in to give support, took three of our group some time. Well done for stepping up to the mark though, you three!