Monks Wood and the Coast, 28th August

Lead: Liz

As the nights are drawing in and summer feeling like it is soon to end, an evening walk whilst there was still some daylight left, seemed like a good idea. Nine of us left WVH at 6pm, heading down across the fields to Monks’ Wood. Several people had not visited the wood for a while and were amazed and delighted at its growth. From there we walked along the road, then down to the cliff top passing through relatively newly installed metal kissing gates, replacing previously very broken stiles. Testing the sweetness of the few sloes we found, provided us with a bit of en-route entertainment – the blackberries were better!

At the cliff top we tried several places for the best photo, as by now it was a lovely evening with the coast looking beautiful, but we tried to avoid it being a last photo for our photographer, we didn’t want him sprinting to get in the photo and going a bit too far!

aug 29

As one of our number had a meeting in the pub, a couple of us walked ahead, along the cliff top, across the stubbly field and back along the lane, so she could whiz up through the wood and get to the pub. For the rest of us it was a pleasant laughing and chatting amble as we retraced our steps up through the wood, fields and to the pub. Yes, she had got to the meeting the rest of us enjoyed a quick drink before heading off home.

A thank you to all who came and we hope to see some more of the group on another easy evening amble before the summer ends.