Kenfig Nature Reserve, 30th June

Lead: Carroll and Mary

With a morning forecast temperature of 28ºC, Mary and I considered that it might be prudent to shorten the walk by cutting out the section to the West of Kenfig Pool. There would be no shade as we walk through the dunes and we didn’t want to be the first walk leaders to have someone suffer heat stroke! However, when the “Magnificent Seven” arrived at Kenfig Nature Reserve a cooling breeze was blowing and conditions were ideal.

The walk started along a narrow footpath alongside the busy road from Nottage to Cornelly (Mary’s favourite part of the walk. She hates it!!!) The distance seemed much shorter this time probably because of the conversations about the “Lost City of Kenfig” and the “Prince of Wales” pub which used to be the old City Council Chambers and Court House.

We turned left off the road and headed towards the sea through the dunes which were filled with wild flowers, much to Graham’s delight because he could use his APP to identify some of the more unusual ones.

30 june

When we reached the beach we stopped for our coffee break. Robbie found the sea too tempting and decided a swim was in order. The tide was well out and the water must have been about half a mile away. Undeterred he made his way to the water’s edge. There had been some mention of skinny dipping and when he appeared after the swim he looked a bit blue in his nether region but he assured us he was wearing blue trunks and that the water was warm. That’s his story anyway!!

Looking along the beach we could see Sker Point, our next scheduled stop. We spent a few minutes talking about the maritime disaster at the point, in February 1947, and the loss of the ‘Samtampa’ and the Mumbles Lifeboat and the crew of both boats. We hoped to see the plaque commemorating the disaster but it was not immediately accessible. Better luck next time. We decided to walk along the beach to Sker Pont because the sand was firm and walking was easy.

We spent a leisurely lunch break at Sker Point before setting out on the last leg of the journey. After a short detour to look at Sker House we headed across the Pyle and Kenfig golf course to the car park without having to avoid any flying golf balls. The course looked more like the Sahara Desert than the usual expanse of green fairways.

At the car park it was decided that ice creams were in order and so we boarded our respective cars and headed to Nottage to satisfy our craving.

Thanks to all who came and I hope you enjoyed the walk as much as Mary and I did.