Clemenstone, Monday 17th September

Once more into the breach dear friends (apologies to the Bard) as I agreed to lead today’s walk instead of Frank who was, unfortunately, incapacitated.  Having not had time to reconnoitre a new route it would be familiar ground for the four of us as we set off in light drizzle along Ewenni Road.  By the time we reached the entrance to Rackland Cot the rain had ceased so, with waterproofs stowed away and in surprisingly mild temperatures, we crossed the fields to join Heol Shwlac.

A short stretch led us to the road junction where, after brief chats with a dog walker and a jolly cyclist, we turned right, back towards Ewenni Road and on towards Clemenstone.  Halting at the ‘old well’ we had our drinks and enjoyed Liz’s largesse and biscuits before posing for the obligatory photograph.

17 sept

On then through Clemenstone back to Ewenni Road and Wick, a distance of approximately four miles.  The humour, interesting conversation and the opportunity of getting to know one another better, along with the country air and splendid views over the Vale, contributed to a thoroughly enjoyable morning.