Ewenny Priory, 23rd December

The Previous Walk:  Ewenny Priory, 23rd December

Lead: Liz

I was uncertain whether anyone would want to come on a Monday walk immediately before Christmas, but popular and enjoyable it proved. So, a shame for all those who were stuck with making mince pies, cleaning the house frantically or collecting their birds! – 9 of us were sufficiently organised and motivated to turn out on what proved to be a mild, sunny and perfect pre- Christmas morning- as long as we ignored the mud!

Two cars parked up at Ewenny garden centre, we went along the main road and up Heronston lane before ducking into a well fenced off but very muddy path over slippery slate slabs. Soon Ewenny Priory was in sight, so we went in and had a good look around, several of our number having not visited before. Here we met a couple, who we cajoled into taking our group photo, so we could all be in it. As they lived in Ewenny, they were interested in where we were from, and interested in walking…so there we were, gathering potential new members!

23 dec 1

23 dec

We decided to walk across the field path up to Corntown, muddy yet again, but once on the road it was a fairly speedy and easy path back to the coffee shop. Three of us spotted a very ancient stone partially set into the wall, between Corntown and Ewenny….we thought it said “church” on it, but could not be sure. Does anyone know of this stone and what it refers to?

Once in the coffee shop, we bagged some seats and then had an extra lengthy wait until the last of us was eventually served, but it was worth it, to have a pre Christmas coffee together, although some indulged to the extent that they thought they ought to go straight out and do the walk a second time!

We were back in the village by usual time of 1pm, ready to pick up the reins and do neglected pre-Christmas chores.

Happy Christmas to us all!