Southerndown circular walk, 12th November

Lead: Andrew and Helen

Thirteen intrepid walkers gathered outside Wick Village Hall before heading off to Southerndown for the Monday morning walk. The weather was very kind to us with sunshine and a brisk south westerly breeze. We parked up at the 3 Golden Cups before heading off through Southerndown. We headed up the Norton road for a quarter of a mile before following the footpath to the left off the road and looping back down towards the coast via an old sheep drovers’ track.

After a short distance walking along the road, we were able to move onto the coast path by West Barn and head in the direction of Dunraven Bay.

Whilst walking along the coast path towards Dunraven Bay, we saw what looked like smoke rising from near the edge of the cliff. Upon further investigation we discovered it was very fine spray rising from the blow hole that runs from the top of the cliff down into the caves below. This phenomenon only occurs at high spring tides and with the wind pushing the waves into the caves below so it was lucky we were in the right place at the right time!

We continued along the coast path enjoying the sparkling sun on the channel as we made our way down into Dunraven Bay.

12 nov

Here we stopped for a team photo at the beach before setting off up the footpath towards St Brides and away from the sea. We continued along the path through the woods and fields before looping across to a path that took us back into Southerndown and a well-earned coffee at the 3 Golden Cups. This last section was a detour to avoid a field that had been signposted as being home to a bull when we did the recce, and we decided best not to all hike through just in case.

In total approximately a 4 mile walk in thoroughly glorious conditions for the time of year…