Siginstone and Lllanmihangel, 11th March

Lead: Liz

After quite a stormy weekend, the sun shining as we met up at 10 am, was a treat, one which stayed with us all morning. Five of us set off for Topstak, knowing we might manage a coffee there at the end. Going in to ask about leaving our cars there and seeing a couple of chairs pulled up in front of a glowing wood burner was not the best enticement to get out into what was now threatening to become a windy but sunny morning.

Boots on, we set off across the main road, along the much quieter lane and were quickly at the stile for an as yet ‘undiscovered’ path across the fields to Siginstone. As none of us had done this path before it was with a little trepidation that we embarked on the half mile plus across the fields, but we all coped well, in spite of a few very high stiles. The almost show-stopper was a very decrepit double stile just a field away from the village, but we managed although my attempt at distraction by pointing out honeysuckle all over the stile, was completely wasted. Offers of pulling, pushing, tugging and holding feet in the right place were far more welcome ….but we did it!

11 march1

From Siginstone, we headed due south for a short burst of uphill, then eastwards until we came to the Vale Millennium Trail, with an excellent stile for a coffee break and nice views. We were reminded of a previous jaunt when we had to go round three quarters of the field, to get to the stile as the crops were too high to walk through. We went northwards from here, though, with some good views across towards the distant hills and soon Plas Llanmihangel came into view. The path here, also part of the WMTrail was well worn across early wheat fields.

11 march

We stopped for a photo by the pretty stream in Lllanihangel, and then it was a pleasant straightforward walk back along quiet lanes to Topstak for the well-earned coffee. We had done just under four and a half miles, had glorious sunshine, good company and a nice Monday morning leg stretch.