Merthyr Mawr/Tythegston, 10 July

Lead, Graham

On a balmy evening, a little cooler than of late, eight members set off from Candleston, carpark for another evening walk.  Making our way north along the sandy trail we reached the steep, stony track up to Candleston Farm at the top of which we halted briefly to catch our breath.  Under-foot conditions were much better as the lane continued upwards until, at the summit, we stopped to enjoy the panoramic view over the northwestern vale.  The route then descended towards Tythegston before turning left into a field and down into the delightful ‘hidden valley’ where we again halted to slake our thirsts and assemble for the obligatory photograph.

10 july

High clouds had gathered by now giving the light an eerie character as we entered woods and took another path which led back uphill, a little steeply at times but with interesting flora along the way.  To avoid retracing our steps we then followed a sandy trail which descended alongside a deep wooded valley towards the carpark accompanied by a swelling chorus of (thirsty?) sheep!  We had walked approximately three miles in a lovely calm summer’s evening the only irritation being the occasional visitations of flying ants and biting flies.  To round off the day most of us retired to the Star Inn at Wick for a well earned drink.