Southerndown and the coastal path, 17th August

Lead: Phil

Distance 10k, 6.2 miles
Duration 3.22 hours

The weather hadn’t been too good recently, so I was very pleased to see that we had a good turnout for last Saturday’s walk.

Meeting at the bus stop in Wick, the plan was to travel to Southerndown and get off at the Golden Cups. If my memory is correct this was the first walk that Claire and I did with Wick Wanderers more than two years ago.

We crossed the stone style and continued through the field alongside Slade Farm, well worth a visit and often open to the public for a few day’s as an open-garden, normally in the spring.

The car park and beach were quiet for this time of the year, due to the dreadful weather, so we continued toward Dunraven Park and the well-maintained walled gardens, and the site of the former castle. Our walk continued and soon we stopped for coffee overlooking the small beach Trwyn y Witch, also known as Witch’s Nose.

The weather was better than forecast with plenty of sunny spells, though a bit breezy as we continued along the coastline admiring the geological feature known as a stack, and all wondering how long it would remain with strong winds and rain continually eroding it.

We soon approached the valley at Cwm Mawr and made our way to the stream at the bottom and time for the photo with Graham as usual doing the honours.

17 aug

Photo complete it was time for the steep assent back up the valley to re-join the coastal path.

It did not take long to reach Cwm Bach, and with the weather holding up well, we decided against the shorter route back to Trepit, and continued passing the fort and toward Cwm Nash, stopping for lunch, and thankfully protected from the westerly wind by a conveniently located stone wall!

We left the beach at Cwm Nash and headed up through the nature reserve and the Nash brook that was very full for the time of the year, and continued through the fields and the site of the Monastic Grange as we approached Water Street in Broughton.

The walk was nearly complete leaving Anne at the Old Carpenters Arms as we approached Wick, and the end of a very enjoyable walk.