Castle-upon-Alun to Wick, 5th September

Lead: Liz

As the forecast was for good weather, we decided upon an evening walk, possibly the last of the season. Six of us took the bus to St Brides Major, walked down past the ‘Fox and Hounds’ to have a look at progress there, then up the hill and along the road to Blackhall farm. After a longish wait for the bus we decided upon the road route, rather than the possibly more interesting field route, but with dusk at 8pm, we did not want to get late getting back to Wick….and the pub!

5 sept

sept 5 1.JPG

From here we enjoyed the quiet shady lane down to Coed y Byl, the nature reserve known for its wild daffodils in spring, then took a bit of a climb up to Castle upon Alun, wondering at the size of the original river that must have flowed through there, many centuries ago. A brief stop at the crossroads, to check our phones were….or were not… recording our route, we had a long almost straight walk along the quiet back road until just below the steepest part of the hill. Here we crossed onto a recently renovated path over the fields, by which time the sun had set, the clouds were beautiful and the peaceful air of calm and quietly munching cattle encouraged us to stop and gaze over the valley and the ‘Swiss rolls’ in the nearby field. A lovely scene.

Dusk was beginning to gather as we walked diagonally across the last field, then up the road to the pub, where a couple of WW members were there to greet us….having ‘escaped’ the walk for various reasons. It was good to see them, tell about our lovely walk and make a few plans for the next one.